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Kylie Sumner, LMHC, MCAP

Clinical Director

Favorite Quote:

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Anthony Robbins

Professional Background and Credentials: LMHC, MCAP

Professional Experience:

With a degree from New Jersey Gulf Coast University three years ago, my career embarked at the David Lawrence Center. As a Clinician and Supervisor, I dedicated myself to assisting adults grappling with substance use disorders. Simultaneously, I oversee a permanent living facility catering to adults managing mental health challenges.

Motivation Behind Choosing This Path:

The impetus for my profession was twofold. First, a prior internship within a correctional facility exposed me to the release of individuals without essential substance use treatment. Additionally, witnessing a family member’s struggle with substance use fueled my dedication.

Passion and Fulfillment in My Role:

Witnessing the transformation of individuals as they journey towards sobriety brings immense gratification. Guiding them to recognize their intrinsic value during moments of vulnerability is profoundly rewarding. Moreover, I am committed to dispelling the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use.

Avisa Recovery’s Unique Appeal:

What sets Avisa Recovery apart is its inviting, positive atmosphere. Each colleague shares an authentic desire to make a difference and aid those in need. The center’s commitment to providing diverse recovery avenues acknowledges that every individual’s path to healing is distinct.

Balancing Work with Leisure:

During my leisure time, I relish exploring The Keys, indulging in scuba diving, swimming with sharks, and marveling at marine life. Connecting with friends and visiting family through travel also enriches my life.

Join me in the journey towards healing at Avisa Recovery, where compassion and diverse recovery strategies converge for lasting transformation.

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