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Attention to all new parents! Enroll in this online seminar to acquire comprehensive knowledge essential for you and your infant to attain the necessary rest you both require!
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Become a Baby Sleep Expert

Embracing parenthood for the first time can be an all-encompassing and tiring experience! Newborns have a tendency to wake up frequently, rarely allowing parents to enjoy more than 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

But fret not! Our upcoming webinar is here to change that narrative. Join us to discover how to establish wholesome sleep routines right from the beginning. We’ll delve into common pitfalls you should sidestep and delve into optimal strategies and resources designed to ensure both you and your little one enjoy the appropriate amount of daily rest.

Participation in this webinar is absolutely free and it will be hosted on Zoom. The session comprises a comprehensive 1-hour presentation, followed by an interactive 30-minute question and answer segment.

What You’ll Learn

Babies' Secure Sleep Guidelines

Establishing Infant Bedtime


Techniques for Training Baby


Optimal Sleep Settings

Sleep Patterns in Infants

Effective Pointers and Hacks for

Sleep Coaching

Presented by:

Christina Roberts

With over a decade of expertise assisting young families, Christina Roberts is a licensed sleep consultant. Juggling her role as a mother to three wonderfully well-rested children, she operates her sleep consulting firm, Sweet Dreams, situated in the heart of London. As a prominent figure in the field, she has solidified her position as an industry trailblazer, renowned for consistently delivering exceptional consultancy. Christina’s dedication lies in aiding parents, and her objective revolves around granting them entry to knowledge grounded in research-backed insights.

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