Avisa Recovery


Michelle Falcone

Michelle Falcone

Office Manager

Favorite Quote:

“Your only limit is your mind”

Office Manager

About Michelle

Professional Background: Michelle has an extensive history of working with special needs Pre-K children, followed by transitioning into the management of diverse businesses.

Motivation Behind Choosing This Path: Michelle’s decision was significantly influenced by the impact of substance abuse within her family, including the unfortunate loss of her father to this issue last year.

Most Cherished Aspect of Her Role:  Michelle finds immense joy in the continuous learning her job offers and the opportunity to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Favorite Attribute of Avisa Recovery:   Michelle greatly values the organization’s capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and she takes pride in being an integral part of this remarkable team.

Leisure Pursuits: During her leisure time, Michelle indulges in the scenic New Jersey beaches, engages in group workouts with friends, and embarks on theme park adventures with her children.

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