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Partial Hospitalization

An Overview Of Partial Hospitalization

Prioritizing the discovery of a tailored drug treatment program is essential for individuals grappling with substance abuse concerns. Frequently, an inpatient drug treatment program equips addicts with the necessary resources and support to conquer their substance abuse challenges. While inpatient treatment proves efficacious, what if committing to extensive time away from family or work isn’t feasible? What if the risk of immediate relapse is looming? What if you’re contending with a mental health condition that endangers yourself or others?

Thankfully, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) offer comprehensive services around the clock while allowing you to continue residing at home throughout treatment. This grants you the opportunity to concentrate fully on your recovery during sessions and fulfill work and family commitments afterward. 

Embarking on a quest to find a PHP rehab center in Ocean County can herald a transformative step, especially when the program aligns precisely with your unique requirements, promoting sustained recovery. You’ll also acquire insights into the duration of PHP rehab center programs and their efficacy in addressing your addiction concerns. 

Avisa Recovery stands as a premier rehab center in  Ocean County. Reach out to us toll-free today and delve into the details of our evidence-based PHP drug and alcohol treatment programs. Your path to recovery awaits.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Referred to as a day hospital program, partial hospitalization treatment (PHP) offers an intensive approach to addressing both substance abuse and mental health concerns. This takes place within a closely supervised hospital environment. In terms of program intensity, PHPs are a step below residential treatment, striking a balance between comprehensive care and daily life.

Unlike the demanding schedule of a mental health partial hospitalization program, individuals attending a PHP treatment center have the flexibility to reside at home and manage their work, family, and educational commitments.  

Those choosing a Ocean County PHP rehab can expect personalized care in a secure setting, overseen by seasoned treatment professionals. On average, participants engage in sessions 4-5 times per week, each spanning several hours. If patients face severe addiction, mental health, or life-threatening issues that heighten the risk of relapse, session frequency and duration can be increased. 

Similar to other outpatient programs, a Ocean County PHP treatment plan boasts adaptability. It can serve as an independent program or act as a transitional phase between residential and outpatient care, based on the individual’s needs. Additionally, as progress is made, the program can be tailored with reduced session frequency and duration.

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Avisa Recovery Programs

Addiction Treatment That Isn’t Cookie-cutter

The initial phase of seeking assistance for substance misuse involves the detoxification procedure. During this stage, you are under medical supervision and guided through the withdrawal process to eliminate substances like drugs and alcohol from your body.
Residential inpatient treatment pertains to a situation where a patient resides on-site 24/7, receiving intensive treatment. Find out more about inpatient treatment and its potential benefits for your recovery journey.
At Avisa Recovery, the partial day program blends the favorable aspects of both inpatient and outpatient treatment, creating a hybrid program. This enables you to access inpatient therapies while being treated on an outpatient basis.

Introducing the Innovative Intensive Outpatient Program at Avisa Recovery, your optimal selection for an outpatient addiction treatment in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Experience our comprehensive Outpatient Program designed to empower your professional life boundlessly. We equip you with the necessary tools to achieve your utmost potential while maintaining sobriety. For those in Ocean County, initiating your recovery journey has never been more attainable.

Embracing an indispensable role within our programming, the family program at Avisa Recovery holds immense significance. Family therapy, an integral facet of the recovery process, facilitates the collective recuperation of the entire family system. It provides the means for family members to embark on a journey of recovery together while offering unwavering support to their recovering loved one.
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What To Expect At A Php In Ocean County?

Upon entering a PHP addiction treatment program, your journey will commence with the intake procedure. This initial step encompasses a thorough assessment of both your mental and physical well-being. A clinician holding a Master’s degree will compile a comprehensive history of your substance abuse and mental health background, and will evaluate your current symptoms. Should you be identified as a suitable candidate for PHP, your participation in the treatment will be expected on the same day. In instances where beginning the treatment on the intake day isn’t possible, the staff will coordinate an alternative day for you to finalize the assessment and engage in a full day of intensive programming. 

Once admitted, you will be assigned a clinician with whom you will meet multiple times a week. If necessary, the clinician will design a program for managing medications. Seasoned treatment personnel will devise a personalized plan tailored to your specific requirements, potentially encompassing these elements:

What Is The Duration Of A Partial Day Program In Ocean County?

On average, the Ocean County Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for treatment typically spans 2-4 weeks. However, the duration of this program varies based on the seriousness of an individual’s addiction. As mentioned previously, participants usually engage in sessions 4-5 days per week, each lasting multiple hours. The frequency and length of these sessions can be adjusted depending on an individual’s response to the treatment. While the usual duration of PHP treatment is a few weeks, if necessary, these programs can be prolonged to several months.

Avisa Recovery Center serves as a rehabilitation facility in Ocean County, offering addiction treatment services in New Jersey. For further information about our outpatient addiction treatment center in Ocean County, feel free to get in touch with us today.

    Chris T.

    I’ve been in recovery for over a year now and have met a lot of people along the way. Stuart and Wilbur are genuine about wanting to help someone struggling with alcohol or drugs. Me being one of them. I’ve seen a few sober houses along the way and Avisa recovery is by far the best sober living I’ve come across. They show you how to have fun in recovery and live life sober. The houses they have are awesome and clean! Highly recommend them. It changed my life!

      Nancy M.

      Avisa Recovery was recommended to us as being a top sober living home. Meeting Stuart, Wilbur, and the impeccable house confirmed this to be true. Stuart and Wilbur are truly invested in all aspects of their clients’ recovery. We value their collaborative approach with clients and family.

        Monta T.

        Avisa is a place that treats you like a real person with love and respect. They do outings together to have a great community environment. Avisa pushes you to be a responsible young man but does it in a way of caring and helping you find self love. Highly recommend for any young man wanting to take the next step to better himself and his future.

          Steven G.

          I feel so fortunate that I found Avisa Recovery. Avisa played a huge part in helping me maintain my sobriety. I enjoyed the people, the staff, and the living arrangements. Thank you so much for helping me get control of my life back. I could not have made these strides without Avisa Recovery.

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          Is The Effectiveness Of Php Programs In Ocean County Proven?

          The primary concern when evaluating a PHP rehabilitation program in Ocean County  is its suitability for your needs. These programs demonstrate their effectiveness in catering to individuals requiring intensive care, yet not necessitating 24/7 medical supervision. As previously mentioned, PHPs exhibit their efficacy for those seeking mental health assistance and facing an imminent risk of reverting to active substance use. Engaging in a PHP drug and alcohol treatment initiative yields substantial advantages, propelling your journey towards recovery. These advantages encompass the following:

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          Avisa Recovery does not accept Medicare or Medicaid as payment for substance abuse treatment.

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          Our partial hospitalization program in Ocean County, New Jersey, offers effective support for addressing the intricate aspects of addiction. Should you or a family member require PHP rehab services in Ocean County, feel free to reach out to Avisa Recovery immediately. Our evidence-based partial hospitalization programs have undergone thorough testing and are overseen by skilled professionals with extensive experience in assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds. Don’t allow addiction to continue affecting your life. Connect with Avisa Recovery today to take the first step towards empowering yourself and making a positive change in your life.