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Payment Options

Payment Options

So you’ve decided that enough is enough and that you’re ready to start treatment for your addiction. Great first step! The only thing you’re worried about is how much it might cost and if you can afford it. Don’t worry – where there’s a will there’s an easier way. Cost shouldn’t be the obstacle to getting your life back on track. There are ways to make treatment affordable for anyone, regardless of their financial situation. Insurance, payment plans and credit options are all available. Explore them all and see what works best for you.

Don’t get discouraged before you’ve even started treatment. Let’s take a look at what’s available to get you into the program night away.

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Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Don’t let financial constraints prevent you from receiving treatment. There are ways to make treatment more accessible.

1. Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

First, make sure your health insurance covers treatment for substance use disorders and mental health issues. Most major insurance companies provide coverage for in-patient and outpatient treatment. You can call the number on your insurance card to speak with a representative about our coverage. They can help you understand what’s covered and what you can expect in terms of cost.

Some treatment centers also provide free insurance verification services to check our benefits. Use these to make sure you are covered before beginning your treatment.

2. Payment Plans

Be sure to ask if the treatment center has a comet financing plan. Many treatment centers will let you pay for your treatment in installments, rather than the full amount right away. The terms and conditions may vary, but this can make your treatment much less expensive.

3. Sliding-Scale Pricing

Some rehab centers charge on a sliding scale based on your income and expenses. You pay as much or as little as you can afford. The center might charge less for some clients and more for others. Ask if this is available at the rehab center you are interested in.

The most important thing is to get the help you need. There are always ways out and people who can help you get there. Take that first step.

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Most Private Health Insurance Will Help Pay for Treatment.

Avisa Recovery does not accept Medicare or Medicaid as payment for substance abuse treatment.

Let us handle the details so you can focus on the help you need.


If you’re the only one with Medicaid or Medicare, don’t give up hope. There are ways to get the assistance you need.

Medicaid provides coverage for inpatient and outpatient addiction and mental health treatment. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to detox, treatment plans, counseling, therapy and medication-assisted treatment. The fastest way to find a treatment facility that accepts your Medicaid coverage is to call 1-800-MEDICI (1-800-784-8669). They’ll be happy to explain your options and help you find a facility that can accommodate your needs.

Medicare also covers detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, partial hospitalisation and outpatient treatment, as well as counseling and medication. However, Medicare typically limits the amount of inpatient psychiatric care you can receive in your lifetime to no more than 190 days. Fortunately, Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Medigap policies help fill coverage gaps and reduce out-of pocket costs.

If you’re still concerned about the cost, don’t give up hope. Treatment centers often offer payment plans that can help reduce the overall cost of treatment. Additionally, you may be able to reduce the total cost of your treatment by only completing a part-time inpatient/outpatient program.


The term “out of pocket” refers to the fact that you’re paying for the treatment out of your own pocket. This can be intimidating, but many rehab centres provide payment plans or financing options to help you save money.

Installment Plans

Rehab centers know that most people can’t afford to pay the entire cost right away. Many rehab centers offer payment plans that let you pay a percentage of the total cost each month for 6 to 24 months. This helps you save money and free up your time to work on your recovery. Talk to your admissions team about an installment plan and all the details, such as down payment amount, interest rate, and payment frequency that fits your budget.

Third-Party Financing

If paying out of pocket or through installment plans isn’t an option, rehab centers may provide third party financing through providers like CareCredit. A CareCredit credit card is a type of credit card specifically designed for healthcare expenses, such as addiction treatment. CareCredit offers fixed interest repayment plans, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month. Interest charges do apply, but it provides another way to pay for treatment if needed.

The most important factor is getting access to treatment. Don’t let the cost of treatment hold you back. There are options, even if you don’t want to pay the full price upfront. Reach out to the rehab centers you’re interested in and talk with them. Ask about their payment and financing plans. Your recovery is worth it, so take the first step and look into their options. There’s help and hope out there.

Payment Plans

If you can’t afford to pay for treatment right away, payment plans can make it easier for you to pay for addiction and mental health treatment. With a payment plan, you’ll be able to live off what you can afford right now and pay off your remaining balance over time through fixed monthly payments, usually without interest.

We provide flexible payment options to suit most budgets. With our plans, you can pay up to 20% of your treatment cost up front, and then pay off the balance automatically over a period of 18 months at a 0% annual percentage rate (APR). There are no prepayment fees if you pay the balance on time.

Payment plans give you the assurance that you can receive the support you need now while making responsible payments in the future. When cost is an obstacle, a payment might be the answer to finally starting your healing journey. Talk to our admissions staff to see if payment plans are right for you and your budget. Your health and happiness are worth the risk.

Don't Let Cost Stop You

Don’t let money stop you from getting the care you need. There are many ways to access treatment if you’re determined and willing to explore your options. Your health and well-being are more important than money. Call treatment centers near you and ask about payment plans, coverage options, grants, crowdfunding campaigns, and asking for help from friends and family. Whatever it takes, don’t wait. Call today!