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Treatment Options For Cocaine Addiction

Each rehabilitation center employs a unique treatment methodology, along with varying degrees of treatment accessibility. It’s imperative to carefully select the treatment approach that best suits your requirements and opt for a facility that provides a diverse array of therapeutic techniques, as well as holistic and experiential treatment alternatives.

At Avisa Recovery, our comprehensive services include both general outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment options, along with the availability of sober living homes for program graduates. We recognize that individuals have unique responses to various mental health treatment approaches, which is why we provide a diverse array of modalities to help you discover the one that suits you best.

What is a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine stands as the predominant illicit substance in both Ocean County and across the entire state of New Jersey. Its prevalence is closely linked to social gatherings and criminal affiliations, with a predominant user base of young adults, although individuals of all age groups partake in its consumption. While it is frequently ingested for its stimulating properties, which induce feelings of euphoria and enhance one’s capacity to consume alcohol and stay awake late into the night, the darker facets of cocaine’s impact in Ocean County, NJ, cannot be overlooked.

Cocaine, derived from coca leaves, is a white powder that has been sought after for millennia due to its stimulating effects. Nevertheless, finding the unadulterated, pure form is increasingly rare. Illicit dealers often dilute cocaine with various substances like Epsom salts, benzocaine, quinine, and other potentially hazardous additives to increase the volume of their supply.

Upon consumption, it triggers a powerful surge of dopamine, resulting in an exhilarating sense of euphoria, heightened social confidence, enhanced well-being, and a heightened inclination to engage in conversations. This rapid elevation of dopamine levels tends to fade swiftly, driving individuals to seek more frequent consumption in order to sustain this elevated state.

The consequences of cocaine usage can be severe, as the body struggles to replenish its depleted dopamine levels once the drug has exhausted the body’s natural reserves. When individuals become addicted, their bodies begin to rely on the drug as the primary source of pleasure and reward.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs of cocaine addiction:
  • Mood swings from chatty and manic to lethargic and disinterested
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • New friendship groups
  • Financial trouble
  • Nosebleeds, sniffing and chronic runny nose despite no illness

If you’re residing in Towns River, NJ, and facing the challenges of cocaine addiction, assistance is readily available. Our intention is not to pass judgment or put you in a difficult situation; rather, our sole focus is on aiding you in your journey to recovery. Addiction treatment services have the potential to profoundly transform lives, as they equip individuals with skills that have lasting value. These skills range from establishing a structured routine to acquiring the ability to self-soothe and develop a sense of self-worth. When you choose to stay at our addiction treatment center, you’ll receive comprehensive and life-altering care.

Below, you’ll discover what you can anticipate in the substance abuse treatment program offered at Avisa Recovery.

Why Consider Avisa Recovery for Cocaine Addiction Treatment  in Ocean Country
Using cocaine can have serious consequences in a person’s life. Addiction is dangerous and can be deadly. Cocaine doesn’t just mess with someone’s personal and work life, but also their feelings and health. Each drug has its own dangers, but the bottom line is addiction can kill if it’s not dealt with.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) says using cocaine for a long time can cause a bunch of health issues. It can mess up organs, hormones, and even make it hard to have babies or have a healthy pregnancy. And it’s not just physical – using drugs for a long time can mess with your brain, causing things like anxiety, depression, anger, paranoia, mood swings, and memory problems.

People who use drugs like cocaine are more likely to get hurt, have accidents, be in fights, or even die.
Depending upon the nature and severity of your problem, outpatient treatment at Avisa Recovery may be the best option for you. 

At Avisa Recovery, we offer treatments that are backed by evidence and shown to work. We have therapy sessions, both one-on-one and in groups, led by caring professionals who know what they’re doing. Addiction affects the whole family, so we also offer counseling to help them through it. 
Depending upon the nature and severity of your problem, our experts would suggest inpatient or outpatient treatment for cocaine addiction. Outpatient services allow you to receive professional care while also maintaining a degree of independence. You can practice your new skills in a real-world environment, and get feedback, support, and guidance from our experts. Residential inpatient treatment for substance abuse involves immersive programs held within specialized facilities, deliberately distanced from the triggers and pressures of one’s home environment. These dedicated centers ensure a secure, controlled setting with continuous supervision. 

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Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs are ideal for individuals facing a moderate to severe cocaine use disorder. These programs involve dedicating approximately 10 hours per week at the treatment center, where you’ll engage in a range of therapeutic activities, including individual counseling, group support sessions, psychoeducational sessions, family therapy, and more.

We recognize that many individuals cannot easily step away from their work, childcare responsibilities, or daily routines to seek addiction treatment. This is precisely why we provide evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services, held three nights a week from 6 pm to 9 pm. You can maintain your regular daily routine and join us in the evenings to embark on your journey of healing, personal growth, and learning.

General Outpatient Treatment

If you’re dealing with a mild substance use disorder or feel prepared to transition from intensive outpatient addiction treatment, a GOP might be the perfect choice. With this option, you typically attend sessions for a few hours each week and maintain regular contact with your treatment providers to ensure your progress. You’ll still engage in the same effective treatment methods but with a reduced time commitment under our supervision.

Individual Counseling

Personalized counseling plays a vital role in addiction treatment as it enables self-awareness and insight into your motivations. It also fosters a meaningful connection with your counselor, who will guide you in acquiring fresh coping strategies and gaining clarity on the factors driving your drug use.

Group Therapy

Group therapy emerges as a highly potent instrument within a rehab center’s,. Its potency lies in the fact that support groups offer a distinctive avenue to gain insight into the intricacies of addiction from diverse viewpoints. At times, comprehending our own actions becomes more accessible when we observe them from another’s vantage point. Furthermore, mastering the art of openly sharing emotions and personal experiences becomes a pivotal aspect in fostering a resilient mindset and triumphing over addiction.

Family Group

Addiction can profoundly impact the entire family, and cocaine, given its high cost, can strain relationships significantly. Family therapy offers a supportive environment where you can openly share your emotions and acquire valuable communication skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.
Experiential therapy offers enjoyable activities to shift your focus away from drug use and rekindle your appreciation for the natural world and quality time with friends. Whether it’s kayaking or strolls along beautiful beaches, we ensure that our daily routines incorporate exciting adventures for everyone to enjoy.

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