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What Is Recovery Coaching?

A peer recovery coach plays a crucial role in supporting individuals throughout their journey to overcome addiction or substance use/abuse. They can also function as mentors or personal companions for those actively pursuing recovery or already immersed in the process. It’s essential to note that recovery coaches undergo formal training and must hold accreditation from either a state or national authority.

One of the frequently encountered qualifications possessed by recovery coaches is the Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) credential. Training in recovery coaching plays a pivotal role in setting peer recovery coaches apart from other professionals in the field of addiction treatment. Although these peer recovery coach certifications are fundamental, it’s crucial to emphasize that the connection between recovery coaches and their clients is not clinical in nature. Instead, it represents a nonclinical collaboration that offers a supportive framework for achieving recovery and overall well-being.

What Does Recovery Coaching Include?


Implementing a harm reduction model for clients


Identifying obstacles to receiving recovery assistance and discovering solutions to overcome them.


Discovering support group meetings with features like sober coaches and addiction services, including addiction treatment.


Designing personalized plans to address returning addictive behaviors.

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Avisa Recovery Programs

Addiction Treatment That Isn’t Cookie-Cutter

When you’re starting treatment for substance abuse, the first important step is detoxification. During this phase, you’ll be under medical supervision to safely manage the withdrawal process and remove drugs and alcohol from your body.
Residential inpatient treatment means you stay at the facility all day, every day, getting intensive care. Discover how this can support your recovery.
At Avisa Recovery, our partial day program blends the benefits of both inpatient and outpatient treatment into a unique hybrid option. This allows you to enjoy inpatient therapies while still being an outpatient.
Discover why Avisa Recovery’s groundbreaking intensive outpatient program stands out as the top selection for individuals searching for outpatient addiction treatment in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Unlock boundless potential in your professional life with our outpatient program. We provide you with the resources to achieve your highest potential while maintaining sobriety. If you’re in Ocean County, there’s no need to delay; embark on your recovery journey today.

The Avisa Recovery family program plays a crucial role in our comprehensive offerings. Family therapy is a vital component of the recovery journey as it empowers all family members to heal collectively while providing unwavering support to their loved one on the path to recovery.

How a Recovery Coach Can Help You Overcome Addiction

A recovery coach provides a form of life coaching that incorporates peer recovery support to enhance your journey towards success. This approach is particularly valuable as it pairs you with a supportive partner in your recovery journey. Initially, your recovery coach will begin by gathering information about your history with substance use disorder and any other addictive behaviors you may have struggled with. They will also inquire about any traumatic experiences you may have endured. Additionally, the process of recovery coaching ensures a comprehensive understanding of your mental health concerns and any prior treatment attempts. For instance, if you are dealing with alcoholism, your coach may inquire about the strategies you’ve previously employed to address your drinking habits.

Your journey with a sober coach begins with a discussion about your recovery aspirations. Subsequently, the recovery coach collaborates with you to conquer addiction through comprehensive support. This involves crafting a personalized plan to prevent relapses and maintain lasting recovery. Moreover, your sober coach assists in honing your communication abilities, enabling you to seek assistance when required. Our coaching services go beyond addiction, aiding in the development of self-assurance and the formulation of a change strategy tailored to your lifestyle. Ultimately, your sober coach sees the bigger picture, helping you forge the life you desire while embracing the support that recovery provides.

Who Are Recovery Coaches?

Avisa Recovery boasts a team of recovery coaches hailing from various backgrounds, each with a unique narrative connected to addiction and their journey in providing recovery assistance.
Hailing from Towns River and as one of three brothers, Wilbur stands as a co-founder of Avisa Recovery and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has been deeply involved in the field of substance abuse treatment since embarking on his own journey to recovery. After personally benefiting from effective treatment, he played a pivotal role in establishing Avisa. Wilbur firmly believes that enduring recovery is rooted in a sense of community and the strong bonds forged during treatment. His dedicated mission is to assist young men, in particular, in triumphing over the challenges of addiction.
Stuart embarked on his path to professional treatment while facing his own struggles with substance use. He triumphantly graduated from a program designed for young men in California and quickly developed a passion for assisting others in attaining the same fulfilling, sober life he now cherishes. As one of the co-founders of Avisa, Stuart holds the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and serves as a dedicated recovery coach. He collaborates closely with both clients and their families, sharing a deeply personal commitment to the recovery journeys of every Avisa client.
Adriana, our licensed mental health counselor, brings a wealth of experience, including assisting a family member. As Avisa’s Clinical Director, she utilizes a wide range of evidence-based approaches to support clients in addressing mental health challenges during their recovery journey.
Meet Dr. Sansone, our in-house psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, offering an array of clinical mental health services to Avisa clients. His main focus is aiding individuals dealing with addiction by eliminating obstacles to recovery and empowering them to achieve their full potential for a brighter future.
Nelson, a key therapist at Avisa, boasts over 25 years of expertise in guiding clients towards recovery from addiction. His extensive background spans inpatient and outpatient programs, and he’s credited with crafting highly effective, holistic treatment approaches catering to both adults and adolescents.
Meet Kevin, a dedicated Client Advocate with a strong passion for assisting others. He champions individuals on their path to recovery and is unwavering in his support for those navigating challenges related to substance abuse.

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