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MVP Health Care Coverage for Addiction Treatment

About MVP Health Care

The problem of drug and alcohol addiction is growing in the United States. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this disease well. If you’ve recognized that you require medical help due to substance use disorder, that’s an important step. Addiction can be treated; it’s not about morals or being weak. Taking a stand against substances and making life changes shows real courage.. Our Ocean County rehabilitation center is here for your addiction recovery. We collaborate with MVP Health Care, so if you’re insured with them, they might cover part of your expenses. Contact us now at 732-236-7234 or complete our insurance form to check your coverage. More Details About MVP Health Care – Learn More!

Addiction Treatment Covered by MVP Health Care

MVP Health Care creates customized plans for its customers, so there’s no one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to find out the details of your policy to determine precisely what you’re eligible for as well as your deductibles.

Specific benefit plans might include intensive outpatient and general outpatient or inpatient treatment, while others might just cover one stage of the recovery process. Sometimes, they can even help with case management services. ValueOptions is the branch of MVP health that deals with behavioral health, mental health wellness, and substance abuse. If you need to reach customer support, it’ll be through ValueOptions.

Some of the treatment that might be covered under your MVP Health Care plan includes:

  • Outpatient services

  • Psychiatry

  • Behavioral therapy

  • Medication-assisted treatment

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Counseling

If you’re suffering from a moderate or severe substance use disorder, outpatient treatment or detox might not be intensive enough for you. It usually involves spending one to three hours per week in treatment centers, doing a mixture of group therapy, individual therapy, psychoeducation, and adventure therapy. Most health plan insurance providers cover some form of outpatient care, but exactly how much depends on your health insurance company.

For people who have been suffering from addiction for longer than a few months or those with chronic conditions, an IOP might be the best option. In some IOPs, you can still spend a certain amount of time at work or school — but usually part time. You might attend treatment several hours a day, a few days a week. Typically, the more you pay towards your plan every month, the more they’ll pay towards your care.

At least some of your intensive outpatient rehab is usually covered with a plan from MVP Health services..

Provided treatment services are medically necessary; your plan should cover the prescription drugs or medication during rehab. For people who suffer from a severe alcohol use disorder, opiate use disorder, or benzodiazepine use disorder, medication is usually required to prevent the body from going into shock or detoxification. Additionally, if you’re diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health condition, you might be covered for the cost of your hospitalization

Many plans from MVP Health Care state that you must get pre-authorization before applying. This means you need to provide doctor-certified proof of your condition before getting care services. If you don’t show this before you start your treatment, your claim could be rejected.

You’ll usually need to provide pre-authorization for medication and some forms of therapy, so make sure you ask all the right questions in advance about your health problem.

If you’ve got lots of questions about the rehab process, that’s normal. Don’t shy away from asking anything at all. The better prepared you are for enrollment, the more you know what to expect. Asking questions makes it much easier to take new situations in your stride. Some of the inquiries to ask include:

  • Am I responsible for any copayments or coinsurance or out-of-pocket expenses?
  • Should I submit paperwork before starting substance abuse treatment?
  • Exactly what does my plan cover?
  • Does my plan cover intensive outpatient rehab?
  • Can I get access to paid-for medication or follow-ups if I need it?
  • How long can I attend rehab for under my plan?

MVP Health Care Insurance Coverage in New Jersey

To find out how much is covered by your plan, call us today at 732-236-7234. Alternatively, you can speak to your health insurance provider directly and one of its advisors will let you know which services are in your policies plan.