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True Link Card


True Link Card

What Does It Do?

As you progress through the journey of recovery, you will gradually comprehend addiction in its all-encompassing nature. Simultaneously, you will grasp the diverse range of genetic and environmental factors contributing to the susceptibility of certain individuals to substance use disorders, while others remain unaffected. An integral genetic aspect linked to the development of such conditions is an impulsive personality.

Consequently, mastering self-control and acquiring the essential skills for self-regulation becomes an extended endeavor. This challenge is particularly pronounced for those inclined towards impulsivity, and financial matters tend to pose a significant hurdle. The abuse of alcohol or drugs further compounds this issue, as inhibitions dissolve under the influence. While the acquisition of financial management skills is feasible, the True Link card emerges as an invaluable resource. This card simultaneously grants autonomy while implementing safeguards against any actions that could jeopardize your well-being or the progress of your recovery journey.

How It Works?

Dealing with addiction, money can act as a big trigger. Even credit cards aren’t much better, as most of them allow cash withdrawals from ATMs. Addiction to substances takes over specific pathways in the brain, making it really tough to say no to cravings and strong desires. This is especially hard during the initial withdrawal phase. When you’re undergoing rehabilitation, having a prepaid card that prevents you from giving in to temptations can bring about a life-changing difference.

You or someone you care about loads the card with money and sets certain limits. This card won’t function at ATMs, and if you try to purchase alcohol, it will be declined at stores. In the past, before these cards existed, you would have had to depend on the rehab center to make purchases for you. Alternatively, you’d need to save every receipt and have the staff check them daily. Being able to make your own choices and being independent are crucial aspects of recovery, and a True Link card supports both of these.

The Advantages of Using True Link During Rehab

  1. Easy approval with bad credit: Sometimes, when dealing with addiction, financial problems can arise. Your credit score might have declined, making it hard to get credit cards. No need to worry – everyone can get a True Link card.
  2. Prevent temptation worries:  Many people who slip back into addiction feel intense shame and regret, making recovery tough. By reducing the chance of slipping, you greatly improve the odds of staying on the recovery path for the long term.
  3. Debt-free assurance: If you haven’t faced debt, the True Link card won’t put you at risk. You must load money onto the card before spending it. Once the funds are used up, they’re finished. This can be an excellent way to learn how to manage your money wisely.
  4. No cash hassles:  Accessing cash from ATMs or buying restricted items like alcohol is restricted. This prevents you from buying anything that might hinder your progress in achieving lasting and healthy recovery. With time, you’ll become better at handling money, and your cravings will decrease over time.