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What To Do During Spravato Treatment?

what to do during spravato treatment

What To Do During Spravato Treatment?

Have you been struggling with depression despite trying traditional medication? If so, you might be interested in learning about Spravato (esketamine). Spravato is a unique nasal spray medication used to treat adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Unlike traditional antidepressants that target serotonin levels, Spravato works differently to potentially improve symptoms in those who haven’t found relief with other options. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about the Spravato treatment process, from what to do during spravato treatment to potential results and side effects.

What Is Spravato? 

Spravato (esketamine) is an NMDA receptor antagonist medication used for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Unlike SSRIs and other traditional antidepressants that target serotonin, Spravato works by interacting with NMDA receptors, which play a role in brain cell communication. While the exact mechanism remains under investigation, Spravato is thought to stimulate the growth of new connections and enhance communication within the brain. This may lead to faster symptom improvement in individuals who haven’t responded to other treatments.

Mechanism of Action

Spravato acts by blocking NMDA receptors, thereby modulating glutamate neurotransmission. This modulation helps regulate the release of neurotransmitters and facilitates the formation of new neural connections, which are disrupted in individuals with depression.

Comparison to Traditional Antidepressants

Unlike traditional antidepressants such as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) or SNRIs (Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors), which primarily target serotonin and norepinephrine, Spravato acts on the glutamate system. This difference in mechanism of action offers a new approach to treating depression, particularly in individuals who have not responded to traditional antidepressants.

Rapid Onset of Action

One of the key advantages of Spravato is its relatively rapid onset of action compared to traditional antidepressants. While traditional antidepressants may take weeks or even months to produce noticeable effects, Spravato can start to show improvement in symptoms within hours to days for some individuals.

Adjunctive Treatment

 It’s essential to note that Spravato is typically used as an adjunctive treatment alongside oral antidepressants rather than a standalone therapy. This combination approach aims to enhance treatment efficacy and address the complex nature of depression.

Side Effects and Monitoring

However, its use is closely monitored due to potential side effects such as dissociation, sedation, and increased blood pressure. Patients undergoing Spravato treatment are closely monitored during and after administration to ensure safety and effectively manage any adverse reactions.

What to Do During Spravato Treatment Session? 

Spravato treatment typically takes place in a dedicated area within a healthcare facility. The environment is usually calm and comfortable, with reclining chairs or treatment rooms to ensure your relaxation. So, what to do during spravato treatment? Before your session, a healthcare professional will

  • Check your blood pressure, as Spravato can cause temporary increases.
  • Discuss any recent medication changes or potential interactions with Spravato.
  • Review your overall well-being and any concerns you may have.

Administration and Experience

You will receive Spravato through a nasal spray administered under the direct supervision of a healthcare professional. The effects typically begin within minutes and can include:

  • Dissociation: Feeling disconnected from your body or surroundings.
  • Altered perceptions: Seeing, hearing, or feeling things differently than usual.
  • Emotional responses: You may experience a range of emotions during the session.

It’s important to remember that these effects are temporary and will subside within a few hours. Healthcare professionals are trained to monitor you closely throughout the session and ensure your safety.

Tips for Managing Discomfort

To know what to do during spravato treatment and  manage any potential discomfort during the session, you may find it beneficial to

  • Use an eye mask to minimize visual stimulation.
  • Listen to calming music to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Focus on your breath to maintain a sense of control.

Recovery and Monitoring

Following the administration of Spravato, you will be required to rest comfortably under supervision for a set period, typically two hours or more. During this time, healthcare professionals will continue to monitor your blood pressure and well-being.

It’s also common to experience side effects like dizziness or nausea after the session. These are usually temporary and can be managed with medication or simple techniques. Your healthcare provider will discuss potential side effects and how to manage them beforehand.

The Results and Side Effects of Spravato

Before getting more into the expected results of Spravato treatment, it’s important to understand its potential effects and side effects. Spravato, also known as esketamine, offers hope for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression by targeting the brain’s glutamate system. However, like any medication, it comes with potential benefits and risks. Understanding both aspects can help individuals make informed decisions about their treatment journey.

Expected Results

  • Patients may notice improvements in depression symptoms within hours to days after initial sessions.
  • Gradual reduction in symptoms such as sadness, lack of energy, and feelings of hopelessness.
  • Importance of combining Spravato with other treatment modalities like therapy for long-term success.

Side Effects

  • Common side effects include dissociation, dizziness, nausea, and changes in blood pressure.
  • Reassurance that side effects are typically temporary and manageable with proper support.
  • Patients are encouraged to communicate any concerns or discomfort to healthcare professionals.
  • Advise consulting a healthcare provider promptly if side effects persist or become concerning.

Benefits of receiving Spravato treatment 

Spravato treatment can bring hope and relief to individuals grappling with treatment-resistant depression. This innovative therapy offers a ray of light for those who have struggled to find effective solutions with traditional antidepressants. Through its unique mechanism of action and rapid onset of action, Spravato promises to provide relief from debilitating symptoms and restore a sense of normalcy to daily life. Spravato treatment offers several benefits for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression:

  • Rapid Onset of Action: Patients may experience improvements in symptoms within hours to days after treatment sessions, providing quicker relief compared to traditional antidepressants.
  • Novel Mechanism of Action: Spravato targets the brain’s glutamate system, offering a unique approach to treating depression for individuals who have not responded to other medications.
  • Adjunctive Therapy Option: Spravato is often used alongside oral antidepressants and therapy to enhance treatment efficacy and promote long-term remission.
  • Potential for Improved Quality of Life: By reducing symptoms such as sadness, lack of energy, and feelings of hopelessness, Spravato treatment can help individuals regain control of their lives and improve their overall well-being.

These benefits, coupled with the support of experienced healthcare professionals, make Spravato treatment a promising option for those seeking relief from treatment-resistant depression.


In conclusion, navigating the Spravato treatment journey offers hope and potential relief for individuals battling treatment-resistant depression. From understanding the unique mechanism of action to preparing for treatment sessions and managing possible side effects, this guide has provided comprehensive insights into what to expect during Spravato treatment.

Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting Avisa today. Schedule a consultation to learn more about Spravato treatment and discover how it can make a difference in your journey towards healing and hope. Together, we can navigate the path toward a happier and healthier life.


Que: What to expect during Spravato?

Ans: During Spravato treatment, patients can expect to receive the medication through nasal spray under medical supervision. The session typically takes place in a comfortable environment within a healthcare facility. After receiving the medication, patients may experience effects such as dissociation, altered perceptions, and emotional responses, which are temporary and monitored by healthcare professionals.

Que: How do you prepare for the first Spravato treatment?

Ans: Preparing for the first Spravato treatment involves several steps. Patients should ensure they have a reliable mode of transportation to and from the clinic, as they may experience temporary effects that impair their ability to drive. It’s also essential to follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by the healthcare provider, such as avoiding food or drink for a specific period before the session.

Que: How can you tell if Spravato is working?

Ans: The effectiveness of Spravato can vary from person to person. However, many patients begin to notice improvements in their depression symptoms within hours to days after the initial treatment sessions. It’s essential to track your symptoms over time and communicate any changes or improvements to your healthcare provider.

Que: How long does Spravato trip last?

Ans: The duration of the Spravato experience, often referred to as the “trip,” can vary depending on individual factors and dosage. Generally, the effects of Spravato typically last for a few hours, with most patients returning to their baseline state within a day. However, it’s essential to follow any post-treatment instructions provided by the healthcare provider and avoid engaging in activities that require full cognitive function until the effects have fully subsided.

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