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Our Mission

Drawing inspiration from the Flexible Avisa Tribe that once inhabited the sandy shores of New Jersey, known for their formidable spirit.
Avisa Recovery is dedicated to embodying their legacy by embracing the concept of living a fiercely beautiful life. This means transcending the challenges, pain, and tough decisions, understanding that these trials have shaped your journey. Every setback you’ve faced has contributed to your growth and strength. It’s about opting for passion, love, and meaningful connections. It’s about recognizing the positivity in every endeavor. The palm symbol in our emblem symbolizes victory, accomplishment, and serenity in our daily experiences.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Our collaboration extends to a wide array of leading insurance providers, offering coverage that can address as much as 100% of the expenses linked to your treatment within our programs. To explore your individual possibilities immediately, simply click the button below for a complimentary benefits assessment.

* We are unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

What We Offer

At our facilities, we provide top-notch choices for addressing substance abuse and mental health concerns. Reach out to us now to discover further details about our comprehensive offerings and how our programs can initiate your path towards enduring recovery and healing.
We offer drug & alcohol detox options through our vetted network of detox centers to those who need medically-supervised when seeking treatment for substance abuse.


For those needing residential inpatient treatment we provide a number of options that offer high-quality, individualized care based on your individual needs in treatment.


We offer PHP, IOP, OP and supportive housing options for those in need of extended treatment options or for those in need of flexibility when looking for addiction treatment.


We Are Here To Help

We Are Here to Help

Change your life today with a single phone call. Our caring and compassionate treatment specialists are standing by day or night ready to help you find treatment options that work best for your individual needs, whether you come to our programs or not.

The Location

Amenities: In-Ground Pool, Semi-Private Rooms, Kitchen, Games, Client Lounge, Outpatient Cafe

The Activities

Discovering joy during the recovery journey.
Engage in: Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Beach Excursions, Volleyball, Hiking, Fishing, and an array of other activities!

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