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In the midst of grappling with addiction, certainty might feel elusive. Your concerns are valid, given the overwhelming nature of substance use disorders. These disorders can engulf a person’s existence, leaving them trapped in despondency. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that hope always persists. Regardless of the duration of drug or alcohol misuse, the path to improvement remains open. A resolute yearning for recovery, coupled with support from a dedicated rehabilitation team and an encouraging peer community, is all it takes.

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Resources in Lehigh Acres for Addressing Addiction

Lehigh Acres, situated within Lee County, is currently undergoing a swift surge in its population. However, an unfortunate consequence of this growth appears to be a significant upswing in instances of substance abuse disorders. Certain regions within Lehigh Acres unfortunately suffer from underdevelopment, which can render the residents more vulnerable to issues related to behavioral health. A prime illustration of this is the considerable distance between residences and stores selling nutritious food. Moreover, the absence of highly-rated educational institutions in the vicinity contributes to decreased educational attainment and less health-conscious lifestyles, consequently elevating the risk of addiction. Data originating from the Lee County government indicates elevated levels of homelessness and a substantial number of overdose cases within Lehigh Acres. A parallel concern across the broader New Jersey state is the alarming number of deaths resulting from drug overdoses. In 2015, the recorded deaths directly attributed to drug use amounted to 2,755 cases. However, by December 2019, this figure had more than doubled, reaching 5,526 cases.

The escalating utilization of methamphetamine in New Jersey

is a growing cause for alarm, extending to Lehigh Acres as well. While methamphetamine usage in the state is slightly below the national average, it has been undergoing a rapid increase since its nadir in 2008. This upward trend in usage is also linked to a higher incidence of fatal overdose cases, underscoring the severity of the issue.
Although the statistics demonstrate the considerable harm caused by drug abuse in Lehigh Acres, there is always assistance accessible. If you have faced challenges with a severe alcohol or opiate use disorder, you may need to enroll in a specialized detox center for men before participating in one of our outpatient programs. We represent the subsequent phase with less structure compared to inpatient rehab, while also offering accommodation.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program serves as a logical progression after residential rehab, and for many, it’s the initial stride toward recovery. Throughout this program, you dedicate eight to 16 weeks to attending the clinic three times per week, with each session lasting three hours. This period involves involvement in group therapy, family therapy, individual counseling sessions, and engaging activities. Additionally, evening sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are available.

General Outpatient Rehab

The general outpatient rehab serves as the final stage preceding the aftercare program and the maintenance phase. During general outpatient sessions, you visit the clinic once weekly for two hours. The agenda encompasses a mix of group sessions, family therapy, experiential therapy, and individual counseling. This phase typically spans a month. Nevertheless, since addiction is a chronic condition demanding ongoing management, some individuals choose to continue attending indefinitely.
Apart from GOP and IOP services, we operate two sober living residences in Ocean County, New Jersey. These homes offer a secure and nurturing setting where you can bring about essential changes in your lifestyle and grasp the significance of self-care. If your current living situation is rife with triggers or the individuals you coexist with are unhelpful, choosing sober living could determine whether you succeed or fail in your recovery journey.

Rediscover the Splendor of New Jersey

We hold the belief that engaging in adventure therapy outings is among the most effective methods to reconnect with both your peers and the stunning New Jersey scenery. Substance addiction can be overwhelming, leaving you isolated and stagnant. This condition tends to strip away people’s interests and enthusiasms, making adventure therapy a valuable approach to rediscovering the pleasures of a sober life.

Types of Substance Abuse Disorders We Address

At Avisa Recovery, a significant number of the men we assist are contending with issues related to alcohol, prescription opiate, or heroin addiction. Our treatment scope also encompasses other dependencies such as:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines

If you or a loved one is experiencing the challenges of addiction, there are numerous outpatient options for alcohol and drug treatment tailored to men. Engaging in therapy and receiving support from peers are two highly effective methods for self-improvement. A significant majority of individuals who achieve sustained recovery participate in group sessions or therapeutic activities for a duration of one to two years, and in many cases, even longer.

Local Assistance Groups in Lehigh Acres

Since addiction is a chronic ailment, maintaining post-rehabilitation care is strongly advised. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and SMART Recovery have shown remarkable efficacy as means of ongoing support. Participating in these groups not only boosts self-assurance through personal story sharing but also cultivates the skill of empathetic listening, crucial for the recovery journey.
SMART Recovery serves as a no-cost resource for individuals seeking to continue their path to recovery. Its approaches are rooted in scientific understanding, with each session aimed at empowerment. This process fosters enhanced self-awareness and improved comprehension of both oneself and others, coupled with practical insights into addiction recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  stands as the original pioneer in addiction recovery communities, maintaining nearly a century of effectiveness. The 12-step program promotes personal responsibility and offers fresh insights into addiction and the world at large. Regular group meetings, guided by a trained counselor, foster discussions on pertinent issues.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA), an offshoot of AA, extends assistance to those grappling with addiction to narcotic substances. Weekly group sessions provide a platform for sharing personal experiences and empathizing with the journeys of peers.

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